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In this article we are going to build an interactive bar chart with D3.js and React. D3 is an open source, lightweight javascript graphing framework for producing interactive and dynamic data visualization in the web browser. For those uninitiated with D3, I advise taking a look at the documentation and tutorial at Observable.

The code for this tutorial can be downloaded here

I am going to assume you are already familiar with the basic concepts of D3 such as selections, scales, and data joins. …

Article Contents

  1. Project Objective
  2. Task Queues and Message Brokers
  3. Setting up the Django Project
  4. Tasks and beat schedule
  5. Rabbitmq, Celery Beat and Celery Workers

Project objective

In this blog post we will build a Django project that records all Elon Musk’s tweets that reference bitcoin. We will focus on how you can use celery with Django to perform scheduled tasks to ingest external data at regular intervals.

Task Queues and Message Brokers

Celery is a task queue that is used to distribute work (tasks) outside of the normal http request-response cycle. It is primarily used to efficiently execute long running tasks and/or tasks with high memory and CPU requirements…

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